Carbon Footprint Registry Stamp

The carbon footprint is an increasingly relevant issue today, as climate change is a reality that affects us all. That is why more and more companies are taking measures to reduce their environmental impact, and Plastimol is one of them.

Plastimol is a company committed to the environment, and this is reflected in its recent certification and seal of registration of carbon footprint and greenhouse gas reduction in the market for the packaging industry in Spain. This record shows the company’s effort and commitment to calculate and reduce the greenhouse gases it produces.

One of the actions carried out by Plastimol to reduce its carbon footprint is the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions through the “GHG Protocol”. In this way, they can know what their environmental impact is and work to reduce it.

Another important action carried out by Plastimol is the optimization of the product life cycle, which means that it works to reduce the environmental impact of packaging from its manufacture to its disposal.

In addition, Plastimol has invested in more sustainable machinery to improve the energy efficiency of its processes, which also contributes to the reduction of its carbon footprint.

In short, the carbon footprint is a crucial issue in the fight against climate change and more and more companies are taking steps to reduce it. Plastimol is an example of this, as it has obtained the certificate and seal of registration of carbon footprint and greenhouse gas reduction, and carries out various actions to reduce its environmental impact. We can all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, and it is essential to do so in order to protect our planet and ensure a better future for all.

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