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Fabricantes plasticos

In 1973

The powerfu Hernández Perez family embarked on their journey of Plásticos de Molina in collaboration with others, driven by the need to transition from old wooden containers to plastic. Murcia was in the midst of industrial development, and it was the perfect time to launch a modern company that could meet the requirements of the cardboard and packaging industry in the canning sector. and the agricultural sector, which was booming in the area.

Little by little Plastimol

It expanded its production to other items, such as containers made of the same material for exporting fruit pulps, olives, chemicals, and more. Soon enough, the company, which had its infrastructure located in the urban area of the municipality of Molina de Segura, experienced exponential growth.

Fabricantes plasticos

In 2008

the plastic factory inaugurated a new plant with the intention of modernizing its production processes, expanding its product line, and also due to the need to relocate to a more industrial area following the growth of the municipality.

It opened splendid facilities with a total surface area of 72,000 m2, equipped to the highest level for the development of its activity.

Since then Plastimol

has adapted its product offer by making important adjustments in its organization and production lines, based on the trends of the different national and international markets and always with the enthusiasm, rigor and tenacity of the first day.

Fabricantes Plásticos
Fabricantes Plasticos

At the present time

we continue to be a leading company in the sector of rigid containers manufactured by injection and blow molding of plastics. We have automated and robotic processes, as well as state-of-the-art molds. We have the capability to design, develop, and materialize your product. Tell us your project, we shape your ideas!!!

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