Plastimol with responsible production and efficient product development.

Sostenibilidad PLASTIMOL

Today, sustainability and environmental protection are issues of great importance and concern to society, consumers and companies. Plastimol’s mission is to continue to address these issues in its ongoing commitment to the sustainability of its products and their production systems.

Since its inception, Plastimol has worked to contribute to the recovery and recycling of damaged packaging, making it possible to give a second life to containers and thus reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills or incinerated. This contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and the preservation of natural resources.

In line with the commitment to sustainability, Plastimol is expanding into new avenues of production, employing the latest advances in raw materials and energy-efficient technologies. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact and minimize the footprint on the planet. Energy efficiency is an important aspect of responsible production, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases dependence on fossil fuels.

In addition to collaborating in the recovery and recycling of plastic containers, Plastimol is also concerned about reducing the weight of its containers. One of the objectives is to use as little material as possible in their production, without compromising their strength and functionality. This translates into a decrease in the consumption of natural resources and a reduction in the amount of waste generated.

Another important aspect of responsible production is the circular economy. Plastimol works to establish a closed circular economy with its customers, guaranteeing the traceability of materials for subsequent recycling. This ensures that materials are reused in a safe and controlled manner and minimizes the environmental impact of production.

Finally, it should be noted that Plastimol offers its customers the possibility of converting their damaged or unusable packaging into new products. In this way, the reuse and recycling of materials is encouraged, thus reducing the amount of waste generated and contributing to sustainability in a circular system.

In conclusion, the focus on waste recovery and recycling, the reduction of packaging weight, the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and the promotion of a closed circular economy are examples of Plastimol’s commitment to responsible production and the development of efficient products.

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