We are proud to have been able to participate in the Chinte Trail race, an exciting sporting event that took place in the beautiful Ricote Valley. Mountain, river and orchard have merged in this event, to offer a perfect combination of sport, adventure and local traditions.

Our colleague Lola Pujante has been one of the brave participants in the Chinte Trail race, and has had the opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges and excitement of this competition. Together with José Emilio Palazón, mayor of Ojós, he collected the trophy that was awarded to us in recognition of our collaboration in this important event.

We are committed to supporting and participating in activities that promote sports, healthy living and community fun. The Chinte Trail race has been an excellent opportunity to share our values and our passion for sport with the inhabitants of the Ricote Valley and other participants.

During the race, Plastimol had the opportunity to demonstrate the strength and durability of the 60-liter KBE drums, to which a tap has been attached to facilitate the delivery of bulk beverages. KBE jerry cans were at the refreshment points along the course to provide refreshments to athletes during the race. We are happy to have contributed to the success of the race and to have been part of such a memorable experience.

The Chinte Trail race was an incredible experience. We thank all the organizers, sponsors and participants for making this event possible.

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