Los BBOX de Plastimol son una solución innovadora

It prevents breakages in the columns and enhances the overall durability of the container.

Its specifically designed geometric pattern minimizes the chances of breakage in the columns. Each angular column features two internal ribs that connect the external surface with the internal surface of the container. Additionally, this model offers the option to install interior reinforcements to increase impact and compression resistance.

This design addresses the issue of breakage in the base. To prevent damage caused by forklift impacts, our design features chamfering on the bottom and columns, which facilitates fork entry.

We emphasize that we are the only ones in the market offering a reinforced bottom.

Its concave profile limits the deformation of the bottom and maintains the fork entry dimension of the forklift. This improves stacking resistance and reduces bottom deformation under load.

Additionally, the BBOXes prevent breakage in the top part through a specific arrangement of ribs that increase flexibility in this area.

We also optimize product ventilation by increasing the perforated area, ensuring a consistently fresh product.

The “large volume” design of the BBOX allows us to achieve the maximum usable volume, providing an optimal space for use.

Tested with bending resistance, stacking, impact, and static coefficient of friction tests, and compliant with ISO 13194:2011, UNE-EN ISO 8611-1:2013, UNE-EN ISO 2233:02, and ASTM D 642-15 standards, make Plastimol’s BBOX the best in the market.

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