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Autovía A-30 Madrid -Cartagena
Salida 121-B (Vía de servicio)
Campotejar Alta
30509 Molina de Segura
Murcia - Spain

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Restricted Area


27/09010. PLASTIMOL develops a new specific crate for kakis fruit. The size is 500x350x308 and 2,5 kg weight.

It has been specially designed for the kaki fruits and as well for other fruits having soft skin. A modification of the lattice structure has been carried out to protect these fruits of any external aggression which could damage the fruit skin.

Please contact our commercial department for further information.

Non Returnable

This is a new section of non returnable crates which main characteristic is its light weight and high resistance which allows the elimination of manipulations, offering the farmer all the spectations he needs.

New Factory

The new Factory of Plastimol in Molina de Segura : some figures

•    30.000 m² built
•    72.000 m² total surface
•    45.000 Tn. Production capacity
•    20.000 m² covered Warehouse capacity